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My name is Charles Wurm and my professional journey began when I joined the United States Army in August 1997.  I was discharged from the United States Army in October 2005 with an Honorable Discharge.  In 2002 I began my academic journey where I studied Computer Information Systems.  I have since established myself as a Scholar in Business Management and Information System Technologies and Applications.  In 2009 I began working as a U.S. Government Contractor picking up where I left off with my Military Service supporting Patriot Programs.  I have over 20 years professional and academic experience working in various industries both public and private.  This includes 14 years experience working for the United States Government providing support to US and Foreign Military Sales Contracts integrating, operating, and instructing Tactical Network and Telecommunications Systems.  Upon separation from the Army I continued going to school full time and working in the Retail and Sales Industries.  I have a vast amount of experience in Network and Systems integration, Business Management, Telecommunications Systems, equipment troubleshooting, network operations, network troubleshooting, RF Transmissions Systems, network design, retail operations, Retail Sales, and International logistics.  I am always looking forward to new and exciting opportunities working in Business Management and the Information Technology Industries.  I enjoy traveling and I have had the opportunity to work in many different regions around the world to include Germany, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, The Kingdom of Jordan, South Korea,Taiwan, Japan, UAE, and currently on my 3rd assignment to Taiwan.

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